The hares are responsible for making sure the run proceeds smoothly each week. Please check the hare guidelines to make sure you have all the bases covered. In the event you don't, you may wish to bring a towel.

The Last 50 runs

Run No









26 Feb

Little Mo

Shake n Bake


I'm hashing in the rain


5 Mar

Ho Chi Wings

Academic City

Make your own trail run


12 Mar

Fat Ghandi

 Ghandis Cottage

Holi Night


19 Mar

Phog Mo Thoin

Camels Arse


 St Paddys Day Run


26 Mar

Heid Banger

Just George


 Mothers Day Run

1995 2 Apr  Vomit   Vomitarium
1996 9 Apr  Sleazy  Bling Academic City
1997 16 Apr Nancy Boy Kung Fu KFC Nippa Hut The Easter Run
1998 23 Apr Compressed far Long Time Coming Ho Chi Wing NAS Vet Site
1999 30 Apr John Boy NAS New site
2000 5 May Compressed Fart Called Away Captain Skidmark Al Reweya
2001 6 May Shakes Prick Tosser Mina area The recovery Run
2002 7 May The Missmanagement Nad Al Sheba  behind the housing The Handover Run
2003 14 May  Little Mo Third Pylon site
2004 21 May Shakesprick Academic City
2005 28 May Heid Banger Jebel Ali Village The new Villa run
2006 4 Jun Breaking Wind Two Fingers Max Al Ain Way Cafe
2007 11 Jun Dingbat Pearly Dingballs Lonely Leonie Dingbat Cave
2008 18 Jun Simple Hedgehog Compressed Fart Nad Al Sheba Circle
2009 25 Jun  Fat Gandhi  SAS Gandhi's Cottage
2010 2 Jul Ah Pisto Legs A Kimbo Pad Pisto
2011 9 Jul Trolly Dolly Trolly Plaza
2012 16 Jul Compressed Fart SAS NAS Vet Site
2013 23 Jul Sleazy LTC  NAS Meydan Villas
2014 20 Ju Nancy Boy Kung Fu Nippa Hut
2015 6th Aug Little Mo Groucho NAS Circle site
2016 13th Aug Swiss Balls Breaking Wind Breaking Winds Gas Plant
2017 20th Aug Rhino Sore Arse SAS Compresssed Fart NAS Meydan Heights
2018 27th Aug Little Mo Tae Kwon Mo NAS Circle site
2019 3rd Sep Any Sucker Holiday Nipple Bruskis Bar
2020 10th Sep Dingbat Dingbat Cave JVT
2021 17th Sep ShakesPrick SexPlod Tosser Academic City
2022 24th Sep Heid Banger Jebel Ali Village
2023 1st Oct Compressed Fart iPlod NAS Circle site - The Lakes
2024 8th Oct Ratshit Behind the Al Ain Way cafe
2025 15th Oct Fat Gandhi Ghee Spot Tosser Fat Gandhi's Mahal
2026 22nd Oct Little Mo NAS Meydan Heights
2027 29th Oct Long Time Coming Rhino Sore Arse Reluctant to Come Breaking Wind RSA's Petting zoo
2028 5th Nov Simple Hedgehog Compressed Fart NAS behind Meydan Heights
2029 12th Nov Reluctant to Come Breaking Wind Studio City
2030 19th Nov Sleazy Old Shag Behind the Al Ain Way Cafe
2031 26th Nov Dingbat Pearly Dingballs Dingbat Cave JVT
2032 3rd Dec Little Mo Shake n Bake Khwaneej Farm National Day run
2033 10th Dec Finger Ring Snow Us Your Tits Heid Banger Finger Ring Ranch
2034 17th Dec Little Mo Shake n Bake Family NAS Circle Site
2035 23rd Dec Vomit Sexplod Twinkle Toes The Vomitarium
2036 30th Dec Breaking Wind Ria The Gas Plant
2037 7th Jan Reluctant to Come SAS Studio City
2038 14th Jan Compressed Fart Sexplod NAS Circle site