join the e-group...

If you would like to join the e-group to keep up with the latest news & view recent photos, then follow the instructions below.

Step 1
choose which of the two e-groups you wish to join by clicking on the relevant button below

click to join the main DH3 groupThe main e-group includes all email traffic distributed by group members. Jokes and trivial banter are not restricted and can be numerous.

click to join the quiet DH3 groupThe quiet e-group only includes directions to the next run, details of upcoming events and/or other major announcements. This group does occasionally miss out on important information.

Step 2
enter your Yahoo ID and password and click on the button "Sign In"

If you don't already have a Yahoo ID and password, you will need to go to the section below and click the link to "Sign Up". Enter the necessary information to create a Yahoo account.

Step 3
click on the button "Join this Group" and follow the steps to set your membership preferences

You can choose to have the group email traffic sent to your preferred email address using "Add Email"; it doesn't have to be a Yahoo address.

Step 4
following approval of your application you should start to receive email traffic

Captain Skidmark isn't choosey provided he knows who you are, so come along to a run and introduce yourself.

If you find these instructions too exacting, email the webmeister.