The DH3 has a full calendar of events planned for the coming months. These include:

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Further details will be available on this website and distributed via the e-group closer to the date. To add an event to this list email the webmeister.


 22 - 24 Feb  Little Mo Hatta   Camping   Little Mo's Event page
 1st March  Moonshine Run

Kickers, Sports City

  Google Link 

 3rd March  Dingbats Saturday Brunch at the Races   Info  Email 
 8 - 10 March  InterGulf  Information
 15 - 17   March  Little Mo     Overnight Walk  Little Mo's Event page
 30th March  Bling & Sleazy Leving Brunch  Pregos Media Rotana, Barsha Heights     info      Email
 8th April  Handover run  The Mismanagement
 22nd April  St. Georges Day run  CF & TBA
 26th April  Pub Crawl  Deepest darkest Bur   Dubai/Deira
 4th May  Spamalot show   Info    For details Email  Dubai Opera House
 24th May  Away weekend  Sandy Beach Ramadan Retreat
 8th June  Iftar Sniftar  TBA
 9th   September  Back to School run  TBA
 21st   September  Games Night  TBA

Send an email to the hare razor or to the GM to add yourself to the hall of hares.